Wainscoting Can Add Old-World Charm to Your Home

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Have you ever looked through the pages of a home décor or upscale magazine, and had your eye drawn to an article showcasing, say, an English manor and its exquisite architectural designs? If so, you would likely see lots of wood in all rooms of the home. The wood likely would be dark hard wood, and you would probably notice how all of the wood added depth, charm, and sophistication to the home.

Well, most of us are not so fortunate as to live in an English manor – or anything even resembling such a grand home. But, still, we take pride in our own dwellings. Most of us have the sense to know that we will never reach such a grand level of decorating sophistication, but it sure is fun to try to replicate parts of that type of sophisticated design in our own homes.

One way to do that is by adding Wainscoting Gilbert AZ to the walls of your home. Wainscoting is decorative wood ranging from simple bead board paneling with a cap to raised panel shadow boxes. It can be installed from the floor all the way up to about the height of your waist, or it can be installed from the floor and extended even higher – all the way up to about the height of your shoulders. There are no hard and fast rules about how or where to install wainscoting. The fun thing about it is that you are limited only by your imagination – and the skills of whomever you choose to do the work for you.

If you want to be sure that whatever you dream up can be delivered, trust your next wainscoting job to the wood working pros at Heritage Crown & Millworks. They are experienced, skilled, and will not let you down!

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