The 3 F’s of Front Room Makeovers

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After admiring your landscaping and porch swing, the front room is the first thing your visitors will lay eyes on when entering your home. Your master bedroom is decked out to the nines, but chances are that most guests will never make it to that corner of the house. If you want to leave a good impression, you’ll need to spruce up the first main room.

Rather than tossing a few decorative pillows on the old, faded couch and calling it a day, why not make a bigger investment and ensure a longer-lasting attraction? Here are a few key changes you can make to drastically upgrade the appearance of your front room:

1. Furniture

This is the most obvious place to begin when you want to make a big change in style and design. Tired of your lumpy couch and bedraggled arm chair, but afraid the replacements will cost you an arm and a leg? You don’t have to look any farther than your local Craigslist listings and neighborhood garage sales to find new furniture at completely affordable prices. Rather than denting your budget with a full set of matching furniture, why not go for a unique couch or coffee table and accent them with smaller, complementary pieces?

2. Fireplace

Gone are the days of purely functional fireplaces. Just because it serves a purpose doesn’t mean it can’t look good doing it! Adding a custom mantel to your fireplace can create an appealing focal point. Whether you want it to make a statement or blend with your existing decor, there are custom mantels available to fit any style and budget. Adding a mantel to your fireplace also gives you additional space to display family photos and stylish knickknacks, adding a personal touch to your decor. Heritage Crown & Millworks is a reputable and affordable resource if you’re looking for luxurious, unique mantels in Phoenix.


3. Flooring

If your visitors slipped their shoes off at the door, chances are that they’ll notice the flooring under their feet. It might seem like a daunting task, but new flooring is a highly noticeable and effective way to instantly transform an otherwise drab room. You can replace faded flooring with more modern carpeting, or take the plunge and go for wood, tile or bamboo. Not ready for such a drastic change? Invest in a large, decorative rug or take the time to deep-clean your existing flooring.

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