Coffered Ceilings Phoenix

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Ceilings become the fifth wall in many elegant homes, so if your home is due for a decoration upgrade, be sure you don’t neglect your ceilings! Playing with your ceiling’s shape and finish can be a cost effective way to achieve something beautiful and unique, and using different mouldings can really make a coffered ceiling your own.

Designed to draw attention upward, coffered ceilings will give your room a sense of symmetry and space like no other treatment. Ceiling coffers are typically a series of sunken square panels that extend across the entire ceiling, but there’s no rule that says they have to be a rectangular grid. With our expert designers, you can achieve any design you can imagine and wow your guests with a truly custom and unique look.

Coffered ceilings are suitable for any room in your home, but are typically installed in foyers, living rooms, dining rooms, and offices. No matter what your ceilings look like today, our custom coffers are certain to give them that little something extra.

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