Built Ins

Unique, Custom, and Luxury installation jobs

People aren’t cookie cutters, and furniture shouldn’t be either.

Rather than struggling to fit your belongings into a store-bought shelving unit, why not have a custom piece created specifically to meet your needs? Heritage Crown can design one-of-a-kind bookcases, entertainment centers or even lockers to house your clutter and organize your living space. From televisions and stereos to shoes and sporting gear, we take into account the size and dimensions of your belongings and build custom pieces to fit your individual lifestyle.

Furniture that fits your lifestyle.

Did you recently purchase a new plasma television? Want a shelving unit that fits your book collection, and your record player, and various souvenirs from your world travels? You can tell us exactly how you plan to use your new piece of furniture and we’ll build it to your specifications. Not only will your furniture be functional — it’ll be a conversation piece. Our high-quality work guarantees that your custom project will be unique, attractive and sturdy.

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