Crown Moulding to Fit Any Style

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A cupcake just isn’t complete until it has its icing!

Likewise, a carefully furnished and decorated room isn’t quite perfect until it has sleek ceilings to match its suave decor. Whatever style you’re going for, putting the finishing edges between your walls and ceilings is often the final factor in interior design satisfaction. At Heritage Crown, we offer one of the finest sources of crown moulding in Phoenix, no matter what design style suits your taste.

All you have to do is figure out the type of look and feel you want your home to have, and we’ll add the finishing touches. We offer several styles of crown moulding — all you have to do is choose!

Traditional Crown Moulding

If you’ve got an eye for elegance and you want it to show in your home decor, traditional crown moulding is the right fit for you. Understated and regal, this is the ideal topper for a Victorian-style living room or a classical bedroom. If you’re content with old-fashioned class, this is the way to go.

Modern Crown Moulding

Black couches, minimal frills and geometric shapes — you’ve always had an eye on the future and you want your home to show it. With its clean lines and no-frills appearance, modern moulding is an aesthetically pleasing accent to add to your 21st-century aura.

Rustic Crown Moulding

If chances are you have an animal bust on your wall or a rooster anywhere in your home decor, rustic moulding is calling your name. Want to feel like you’re on that Christmas cabin trip every day of the year? Beautiful wooden accents running along your ceilings will transport that rustic feeling from your woodsy getaway to the comfort of your own home.

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