Baseboards: The Overlooked Room Accent

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If the crown moulding in a room draws the eye up and creates a sense of depth, visual interest, and attention to detail, then the baseboards complete the framing effect on the latter half of a room. The baseboards often are like the step children of the wood working world. The crown moulding is the crown jewel, but all too often the poor baseboards are relegated to a mere after thought.

But that is not the case at the finest wood working shops. At Heritage Crown & Millworks of Arizona, for instance, the highly skilled artisans have a lot to say about baseboards, and are full of helpful suggestions for baseboard replacement Gilbert az. There are all kinds of reasons why someone may want to replace the baseboards in their home. Over time, of course, they become dirty and may become discolored. Also over time, the impact from contact with vacuum cleaners can damage the delicate wood. Or perhaps a house was built long ago and does not include the most up-to-date baseboards. Out of style baseboards, as with any decorative touch, can easily date a home.

Another fact that home owners may not consider is that baseboards need to work in harmony with the furniture and flooring that you use. If you buy new furniture, you may have a good reason to change up your baseboards. This is something a lot of people overlook, and that does them a disservice.
Heritage Crown & Millworks will come out to your home, evaluate your needs, and provide an estimate free of charge. Then, when you contract them to do the work, they will do a professional, timely, highly skilled job. They will do it all – cutting the wood, installing the wood, painting or staining the wood, and then cleaning up after themselves. Heritage Crown & Millworks truly is a one-stop shop for all of the wood working needs you may have.

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