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Our History

People ask me all the time how long I have been in this business. My response is always the same, “When should I start counting?” Going back to my youth, I’ve always had a passion for wood working. Throughout my high school years I worked with my cousin in his small two man cabinet shop. It was there that I learned the fundamentals of quality wood working. Still today I find myself reflecting on those skills I learned in his shop.

In college, I shifted gears from cabinets to shutters. I learned all the aspects involved in making high quality wood shutters. My days building louvered arches and custom fan top sunbursts were especially valuable. In addition, I learned to paint and stain like a pro. Eventually, my path took me from the shop to the sales side of the business and finally to managing the Southern California branch of the largest shutter company in the country.

In 2005, my family and I opted for a change. We longed to move back to Arizona and wanted to take on a new challenge. That’s when I started Heritage Crown and Millworks. I’d always love doing trim for family and friends. I noticed that most of the trim carpenters only liked to do half the job that the homeowner was truly seeking. All they wanted to do was install the moulding. Then, they would leave the homeowner on their own to get it puttied, caulked, painted and finished. To me, that would be like having shutters installed but never painted. Our niche was that we offer a complete package to the homeowner. No longer do they need to find a painter. We are that one stop shop. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of craftsmanship with the best possible finish. This is our passion and we love what we do.

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